When I felt my breast

I thought I’d better get going with the blog, or else it would be about when I used to have cancer! Once upon a time I found a lump…So I found a lump on my breast which I guess that’s how most breast cancer stories start. I guess ‘cos I haven’t yet met any women with breast cancer, but I have heard of many…mothers, sisters, aunties.

It happened as I was visiting my mum. I casually felt my left breast and found a very noticeable, round hard lump…”oooops! I have a lump!” I remember thinking. But was this really the beginning? No, it wasn’t. Just a couple of days earlier I was talking to my mum about her trip to the hospital for a routine breast screening and her dislike of the squeezing-of-breasts-test known as mammography (I have had one since and it is really not that bad or that uncomfortable!). To my passing comment “I’ve never had one done” my mum responded (in a slightly alarmed but not too freaked out manner) “really? You should have one”, to which I replied “Oh mum, I’m too young…”. Instantly, those words were echoing in my head. I kid you not. It didn’t feel right…I was too young for what? For a routine test? For breast cancer?

Well since then I have found out that I am too young for a mammography. Lets explain this. We are not part of routine screening because we younger ladies are less likely to develop breast cancer. Also our breasts are too dense to show any lumps on a mammography, as I witnessed. My 2.5 cm palpable lump managed to hide itself amongst the fibrous tissue of my breast. Sneaky thing!

But am I too young for breast cancer?!? Well, I, possibly like most women my age, thought so. But then, all the needles that took cells and tissue out of the lump showed that I, and all those other women, are wrong. Ladies, go and have a good feel of your breasts!!!


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