the story continues

Without wanting to alarm you, or anyone around you, check your boobs. Breast cancer at a young age is rare, but still happens. So just make sure you have a good feel every month or so. That is what I meant to say in my first post.

So hell yeah, everyone said I was going to be ok, of course, I just turned 30.!From friends “oh my friend had something and then it was nothing”, to my GP  “‘i’m sure it’s nothing but I’ll refer you to the breast clinic like I would do with anyone with a lump” to the breast specialist who felt my tits yet again “It’ll probably be nothing”, to the ultrasounds specialist “I’m sure it will be ok” to…me? All the info I read which said that breast cancer under 30 (lets not forget that I was UNDER 30 when I felt my lump…ok a few weeks shy of my 30th so still counts as my 20s, right?ehem, so still a woman in her 20s…ehem) was rare…uncommon…not likely. Really, how likely was I to join that relatively small percentage of women under 30 who develop breast cancer. I have no history of BC (breast cancer, not before Christ for your record) in my family. So. should i really be worried about BC? was I a real candidate for BC?

Not that likely, but here I am, with a cancerous lump that measures 2.5 cm stuck on my left breast.  “Get me out of here…” reminiscent of some reality tv programme. comes to mind…not sure that’s how the lump feels I think he’s pretty comfy sitting there, rebelling against my cells, creating his (I think my lump’s a male, I believe in sisterhood after all…) colony of anti-cells who ultimately want to take over my body. I say: fuck off, get out of here.I  have no time for you!!!!


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