Ok so I’m trying to freeze embryos. And for this I may get a donor. For the modest fee of 500 euros you can buy some sperm from Finland (as recommended by the nhs, do not ask me why, good genes?). They then fertilise some of my eggs with it to create tissue (also known as embryo) and the proceed to freeze them. This tissue is what would become my child later in life. This is nuts, and it all happens so quickly that the whole moral aspect is hard to engage with. I do find it so weird how science and technology can mimic the reproductive cycle in a lab. Did I ever think I would be here? No. Does it hurt? yes. Why do I have to be thinking about embryos and donors and whether I will want biological children? and whether I will regret it if I do not get these embryos done and frozen on time… I should be thinking about my PhD, my move to Barcelona, having fun with my mates and…you know, that kind of thing. 

Amongst all what I find weird is that I am chosing the potential father of my child from a list of donors, which gives you their height, eye and hair colour and current occupation. If you pay extra you get to know more about them, like see their baby photos,  listen to their interviews and even what the staff thought about them! What the hell? Surely, it wasn’t meant to be like that? what happens to girl meets boy? girl and boy fall in love…

Check this out if you do not believe me…go to the donor list http://www.europeanspermbank.com/

I have a 10% chance of  losing my fertility. Or a 90% chance of keeping it. May luck be on my side.


3 responses to “Embryos

  1. Indeed it is a very big decision to make in such a short space of time.. I guess it is better to be on the safe side… But it is definitely a strange thing to look through a list of donors!!?

    I make a little prayer for you that your fertility remains intact and positive spirit remains strong.

    Mucha energia & suerte, guapa!

  2. Why having finish sperm when you can get it free from a Latino?? (Could I become Volunteer?)
    Just jokin’ Rosa, you know my humor.
    This blog is illuminating Rosa. I just became a big fan of it! Gracias por escribirlo.

    Un besote enorme!

  3. I am sure that you will be ok with your fertility, but you are doing the right thing just incase….

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