Latest news

In a nutshell: chemo for 24 weeks then operation or operation then chemo for 18 weeks? that is the question! seeing my consultant tomorrow and I’m hoping that the ball will start rolling then.

I think I want to have surgery before the chemo. I want the lump out of the body!

Oh and did you know that if they get rid of your breast (which may not be the case with me) and then they reconstruct or if you lose your nipple through surgery they can:

1) tattoo your nipple!!! to resemble your other

2) give you stick on nipples. double wow?

3) Do nothing.

Was an emotional day and had a bit of a cry here and there. Thankfully Nick was around and offered a shoulder to cry on. Literally. Then my mum cheered me up! but I think she deserves her own entry. So I’ll stop now.

oh! one more thing. New (free) haircut by the talented Stuart Sears at  first of the many styles to come leading to my baldness.


2 responses to “Latest news

  1. Loving your new haircut, you just look so funky!

  2. You look beautiful, Rosalita xx

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