Surgery date!!


I am one happy girl (with a massive headache due to the many hours spent at the hospital). My operation date is thursday 28th of May! Yeah. The lump will be out by then! I go in at 12 pm. They get you ready for the operation and then you just wait for your turn.I cannot eat or drink anything as from 7 am, so my plan is to get up at 6 and stuff my face! šŸ™‚ I have never had any surgery so this is all new to me and it has not yet sunk in. My dad is coming over the day before the op, to look after me. It feels good to know my papa will be here! he will no doubt bring a lot of humour into it!

So about the surgery…Best case scenario is that I will end up with a wonky breast that will be fixed at a later date (after chemo and radio). In the meantime, they will giveĀ me a breast prothesisĀ which truly resemblesĀ  a chicken fillet ( I had a feel of a lookalike version of my future bit-of-tit). This is done so to the outside world I have a well-balanced pair of boobs. You can also have stick on nipples, to put on your prostheses, but I think I will give those a miss. Worse case scenario is a mastectomy, that is, getting rid off the whole boob, and then doing a complete reconstruction. But since that is not yet an option I won’t even go into it.

I’m exhausted at the moment. I spend so many hours at the hospital going from one specialist to the other, from one waiting room to the next. My head is constantly being filled with information, facts, weird names, possible side effects,choices, and finally with further appointments to be had… I used to never answer the phone if it was a private or unknown caller. Now I haven’t got that option. When the number on the phone screen is hidden that means is a call from the hospital. Deep breath… “hello?”…”Is this Rosa?”…”Yes it is”.

Today Fausto was with me again, which helps me cope with it all. A lot. To be fair I’m already sick and tired of this cancer stuff and this is only the beginning! It’s oh-so-boring. Can’t wait to start shopping for wigs! that somehow feels bloody exciting now!


3 responses to “Surgery date!!

  1. Nena! En una semana lo tenemos fuera!!!! In Chad they have “grigri” which is a necklace done by a marabu and it protects you from all kind of things, from bullets to annoying neighbours… I can get one for you! Even if we don’t really believe in it, it would be a nice complement to wear šŸ˜‰

  2. I am so happy to hear that your dad is coming over to look after you. That is really lovely…XXX

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