The day before


So my dad woke me up at the crack of dawn to let me know he was on his way to Liverpool street from Stansted airport. I shall not complain as he is coming all the way from Morocco, and his flight was at 2 am (craaaazy time!eh?).  So he had not slept all night. We ran some errands, went for coffee and had some nice lunch. I got very emotional and cried when I first saw him and we embraced. His turn to cry was at the coffee shop later on in the morning.

I am feeling generally ok. Having everyone’s well wishes and receiving cards from people all over the world makes you feel stronger. But there are times when reality hits me. I am having a big operation tomorrow. I will have to recover from it.I will have to have chemo after. It’s not fair. I don’t wanna do it!! My life will change after the removal of the lumps. My body will take over!I’m bracing myself for a big ride.

Here is a pic of my dad and I. We were queing at the post office to send my doctor’s sick note, stating that I’m off for 3 months for breast cancer treatment, to my supervisor.


5 responses to “The day before

  1. Mi niña!!!! Estamos todos contigo!!! Ya verás que va a ir muy bien! Muchos ánimos, mucha fuerza y déjate mimar!!! Un beso muy fuerte y una abrazo enorme!

  2. Hey Rosa,
    Sending you such big hugs. Really thinking of you for the op tomorrow, I am so happy for you that you have your dear dad there with you.
    Keep up with the positive vibes, they really work!
    Will be thinking about you all day tomorrow, (as if i am not everyday anyway at the moment, if you know what i mean).
    Lots of love XXX

  3. PS
    Lovely pictures BTW

  4. Super Rosa! Super Rosa!

    I have a special little dance routine running in my head all day for you.

    Little Kisses, Super Hugs and Crazy Love.

    PS: I’m loving the blog. Been following it from day one.

  5. Hi Rosa,

    Good luck for today! Sending you loads of best wishes – not long until the bugger is out!

    Keep positive, keep smiling, and rest up. We’re all sending you best wishes from OPO, you’re a fighter and will soon be back on top form.

    We’ll keep reading your blog at this end, it’s really insightful, and it’s so good to hear about all your support from family, and friends.

    Loads of love, Fi xx

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