The day!

It’s operation day! right now I’m feeling ok (a bit hungry though). How could I not? Had a great night at the pub with dad and lots of my mates watching the footie….and BARCA won!!!

I think all the anxiety and fear will kick in once I get to the hospital and they change me into the blue dressing gown, and they make me lie down in one of their beds, ready to go into the operation theatre. That will be the only time that I will have been truly alone since my diagnosis. No friends, no family, no email, no blog, no mobile phone…just me and the lump.

See you later guys!


3 responses to “The day!

  1. Rosa its out now sweetie -your an absolute star X

  2. Bonita!
    Hope it went all good. can´t wait to hear…
    My thoughts are with you
    Grande beso

  3. When Barcelona won I knew you would be happy!!

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