It’s out! and I’m out too!

Got home a while ago…I feel drowsy, tired and sleepy.  I won’t make much sense so this will be a short one.

It went well. I can’t believe how the anesthetic just knocks you down straight away! the last words I heard were: “the time now is twenty to four”. The assistant anesthetist told me that when she goes for an operation herself (apparently she has had many) she likes knowing what time it is when she is knocked down. I woke up asking for the chocolate bar that nick bought me before I went into surgery.

My boob is doing well. It’s not in too much pain and the surgeon did an amazing job! I now have to look after it properly and treat it with love and care.

Having never been in hospital I know now why people complain about hospital food. Foul!

More to come about my stay in hospital another day. Now it’s time for a nap…


2 responses to “It’s out! and I’m out too!

  1. Hey Rosa – great – stage one complete…brava to you and your strength of spirit…

    So I shall ask you when you feel ready to recieve visitors – and come on over…


  2. Nena… ahora descansa… Happy to know you are back home. Besos

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