Sun and drain

Since the operation I have not really put out any updates, apart from that little post. This is a combination of my dad being here, which doesn’t give me the mental space that I need to do this sort of thing. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing! My dad and I are very similar in at least one thing: our love for junk. Junk found in charity shops, markets and car boot sales that is! and of course there are plenty of those in hackney… Despite the operation and despite having a drain coming out of my body (with a bottle attached to it which I carry in a bag)  I am trying to keep as active as I can. And with weather like this, how could I stay indoors?

It’ s not all fun though. I get really tired. A trip to the local car boot sale and the supermarket means a stop over at home for a rest. Being tired and feeling that I’m slowing down makes me feel fragile and ultimately it makes me cry. Which I did yesterday quite a bit, before the supermarket trip, and a bit after it too. I had a low day, or a low moment in an otherwise fantastic day (with the hindsight of the day after). I have not been seriously ill since I was 3 (when the tick bit me), and feeling that I need to ask people for things (i.e. washing my hair) and feeling tired made me really, really, really scared. What will it be like when I am doing chemo?

On medical terms, apart from getting tired I’m doing fine. I had my friend’s mum check my wound the other day and it’s looking fab! very clean and nice indeed (as nice as a wound can be that is). Carrying the drain around is most annoying and really quite weird too. They will take it out once I’m draining less than 30 ml a day, at the moment I’m draining around 160 ml daily. The movement in my arm is really good! they physiotherapist who came to see me at my hospital bed was well impressed with it! I am doing my little exercises regularly and keeping it moving, within it means, as they advice me. I haven’t had any severe pain, which means that I am just on paracetamol and something similar to ibuprofen. Nothing strong. Oh well ;-). Now I have to wait, yes, wait again, for the results. If the 2cm margin that they took out with the lump are clear then the next step will be chemotherapy. If they are not clear then a mastectomy will be on the cards. We’ll see.

It’s another sunny day and I have to go to the post office and to the Salvation Army store (one of the charity shops my dad is dying to go to). I’ll leave you with some photos from the last few days.

Before the match, spirits are high

  Before the match, spirits are high


hospital chic
                                        hospital chic

I came back to the house to find lots of flowers sent by friends (you know who you are!)

  I came back to the house to find lots of flowers sent by friends (you know who you are!)

And a baloon! I'm Fausto and Paul's sweetie :-)

  And a baloon! I’m Fausto and Paul’s sweetie 🙂

6 responses to “Sun and drain

  1. Wow, you are doing so well rosa and with such a positive outlook…I really had no idea how much was involved. You are so brave!
    (not sure about the hospital chic though!)

  2. Estás guapísima en la última foto! Muchos ánimos Rose!

  3. Don’t do too much! Just take it easy. So pleased that it has all gone well and you are doing all the right things (apart from supermarkets and charity shops- your Dad will have to wait)


  4. Rosa – nice photos – lovely smiles – x

  5. aaahh…Rosa. Need any help finding junk, let me know!! WHat about junk food?

  6. rosalump:KArina on Rosa’s computer..(she is out)

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