I am now feeling quite tired. The operation is taking its toll on me, physically and mentally too maybe. It has nearly been a week and I still have the drain coming out of my body. Which means that I am still taking a bottle round with me everywhere.

Today I am feeling kind of low.  My dad still here, which is lovely, but I’m starting to feel the lack of space. I am so western when it comes to issues of “me time”.

Anyhow, not much more to report other than tiredness, increased pain (as I was trying not to take too many painkillers) and lack of personal space (which is turning me into a grumpy girl). My time still consumed by visits to the nurse, to the hospital and now to the dentist (have to have your teeth checked and fixed before you start chemo!). Embryo talk starting next week again.

Hairdresser yesterday. New hair! second haird do. My dad took this non-posed photo (believe me!)

Playing with my hair, my dad managed to snap a better photo than the ones in which i posed.

Playing with my hair, my dad managed to snap a better photo than the ones in which i posed.

I love the back!

I love the back! (note the drain round my neck, under my necklace!)


I’m gonna have a nap now. Exhausted. Do you think I will be posting photos of my bald head? I wonder…


14 responses to “Tiiiiiired

  1. You look beautiful! Yo tuve que llevar mi tirita en el cuello durante casi un año y durante mis vacaciones en Nicaragua los niños me preguntaban si me habían cambiado la cabeza!!! Claro que pondrás tus fotos de pelona, tu puedes con esto y con todo lo que sea!!

  2. Jejejeje…un cambio de cabeza… que bueno! ya veremos como me sienta la calva…

  3. Looking beautiful as always Rosa. A mi me gusta el cambio de cabeza!

  4. You do look amazing! Its funny when we change our hair it changes the way we dress too… you look al 1940’s!

  5. Rosa your hair looks absolutely fantastic.

    The prettiest PhD student i know!

  6. Rosa it’s lovely to see photos of you smiling and you look beautiful with your new hairdo, your dad must be very proud of you.

  7. U look amazing and certianly not like someone whose had surgery !
    Keep smiling ! Love from everyone.x x

  8. Not surprised you are tired- you need to rest- you were doing too much. You are certainly looking good (love the hairdo) but your body has taken a massive shock- so look after it by a bit of pampering and rest.

  9. Thanks for the lovely comments! they help soooo much.

    I am now planning to have a chilled weekend Ros. Just resting on the sofa.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!!

  10. Rosa! You are so strickingly beautiful! We will be home soon to pamper you and exchange stories. Yes! We want to be neigbours and share kittens.
    Lots and lots of love lil&dave

  11. Ets la reòstia amb patinet, Rosa… Una crack i una autèntica perla del fons del mar… Ah, per cert, sóc la Neus del Sergi… D’ara en endavant, Neus. Jiji!

  12. you’re working the drain well girl , nothing like a bit of medical chic!! you’re an inspiration, you’re being amazing, keep plugging on honeybunch. lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. working the drain girl! nothing like a bit of medical chic! You’re an inspiration, you’re being amazing, keep on trucking lovely, keep your eye on the prize. lots of love xxxxxxx

  14. Rosa – your keeping it up so – you know what I mean it – must be like all up in the hair and that stuff like that in it – you know what I mean – but it don’t matter like cause your – uhm – well – er – gorgeous thats the word – sort of like a diamond – and all that stuff like – so there – it’ll all be alright – in it – uhm – and that er – you have a rest and then’ll be all sorted out – wish I looked as good as you in the photo like – my ed is just full of it – give it er rest – I ain’t moaning about nufink or anyfink – uhm and takin care and stuff – you know what I mean – and heres a x – so uhm er – later – see you – in it – er you know what i’m saying like – Andy likin in it x

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