new hair until tomorrow…

Third haircut!

Third haircut!

I have been away from the blog for a while. This is not because I had nothing to talk about, but rather because I had too many things going through my head. I couldn’t decide what to write about. But also, deep down I know that those issues were still a bit too raw.  I need to come to terms with things, digest them and mature them before I can write. Future entries will include “Embryonic science” (which I was writing about tonight, but it’s too hot, I cannot concentrate!), “Nice people get cancer too” as well as “My special arm”. For those who have not spent time with me for a while, the titles will make sense once I have elaborated on them. Trust me. For those who have been around me,  you have an idea of what I’ll be talking about!

Tomorrow fourth haircut by Stuart at Taylor and Taylor The third one, above, I have been sporting for 2 weeks. Stuart is training and so all my haircuts have been free, I think some people think I am spending a fortune on my hair! He is very talented and lovely and will miss our hair appointments once I’m bald (and once he qualifies and I cannot afford him! 😉 )


5 responses to “new hair until tomorrow…

  1. Hey Rosa, its good to read your words again. I really hope you are keeping alright, you certainly look very well and so fresh with a forever changing head of hair.
    Sorry I haven’t been up to see you.
    You are in my thoughts though.
    Lots of love XXX

  2. Hi Rosa, your lovely, keep on writing sweetie pie. Andy – er uhm!

  3. Hi Rosa, just to let you know we’re thinking of you, you’re one amazing lady!! The new haircuts are just fabulous too, gorgeous!! xoxoxox

  4. Hi.
    Wheres the picture of the new cut? Dont stop writing! How long before chemo now? Whats happening? How are you?
    Many hugs and hugs

  5. Petita!!! Como estás??? que tienes el blog abandonado… Petonets

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