I just wanna be Rosa once again!

Lately I have become very overwhelmed by the cancer stuff in a way that I was not expecting. I am sick of being a cancer patient!!! most of my life seems to revolve around it.  I think since I was diagnosed 3 months ago I have not had one single week in which I have not had some sort of hospital appointment. This week alone I have gone in 3 times. It is not surprise that when the phone rang this morning (to get the embryo news), I started panicking and saying “I have missed my hospital appointment!!”. No love, that is tomorrow. Duh. So I am running away for a while, for as long as I can. The chemo won’t start until the week of the 10th of August. So till a few days before that I shall be in Barcelona soaking up the sun, hanging out on the beach and eating paella. I’ll leave you with a few pics of the latest haircuts and colors. See you!


4 responses to “I just wanna be Rosa once again!

  1. Have a very very very nice time in lovely Spain. P.s. with eyes like yours -wow – and that amazing smile – well! – whatever – nice hairdoo too…

  2. Have a nice time in the sun babe…lots a love from all of us XXX

  3. My favourite is the “punk” style although the blonde’s kind of making me tumescent.

    See yuz on the other side, stay in touch xx

  4. Hola my lovely!
    Congratulations on the 9 embryos! That’s amazing. That’s quite a few no?
    I’m loving the blond hair. Hope to see it when I see you.
    Have a wonderful time at home, enjoy the beach!
    Big hug

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