I’ll be there for youuuuu…

Why are my titles inspired by songs recently? hmmm…

Anyways, I woke up this morning to find that this had arrived all the way from italy to my doorstep.

Oscar's box (3)

I knew it was coming, but I didn’t know all the goodies that were inside!! pasta! risotto! porcini mushrooms!truffle!panettoncino!pandoro! sweet wine!parmesan!coffee!tomatoes! I was laughing, Nick was laughing. Had my friend Oscar gone mad?! Nope. This was simply another lovely act of kindness.

I have often said, but never written, that one of the best things to have come out from developing breast cancer has been people’s support, love and acts of generosity. Friends, friends’ parents, parents’ friends, friends of friends. Neighbours. Family.Professionals.

Cards have arrived from all over the world. Money was raised to buy a car (after the one we had was stolen, arrrgh).  Books have been received to help my mind escape to far away lands when things are not so pretty here. Plane tickets. A necklace. Nail varnish. Pampering products. A top. A cd. A spotify chemo playlist…the list goes on.

I’ve been taken out. I’ve been invited to stay over.

They let me cry. They’ve made me laugh.

People have offered help with hospital visits, help with chemo, help with cooking, help with help.

People email, call, send texts, facebook messages. They read this blog, they leave comments.

I always believed people were nice. Now I think people are amazing!


7 responses to “I’ll be there for youuuuu…

  1. No. YOU are amazing!

  2. Awh.Thanks andy! x

  3. Yes Andys absolutely right on – your amazing
    Lv Andy x

  4. Thats lovely babe. Human kindness is amazing eh! I think that the reason your titles are song titles could be the same reason that people give directions by pub names!

  5. It is indeed…the best thing to have come out of this! been missing you lots xx

  6. Christelle Villanueva

    You are amazing and look hOOOOOOOTTTAAA in all of the pics.

    Heaps of love and Happy New Year!!! xxxxxx

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