If you read this, could you leave a comment letting me know if you can see the pics with the wigs? I am having trouble with them!!! thanks!


9 responses to “Ps.

  1. Hey Rosa! I opened your blog but can’t see the pics with the wigs.
    Per cert m’agrada molt el teu blog! I estas guapissima amb tots els pentinats nena incl├║s amb el cabell rapat. A mi al principi se’m feia estrany veure a la meva mare sense cabell, ara ja en te, curtet pero en te i esta guapissima tb.



  2. there aren’t any wig pictures…
    which is awful… I bet you are gorgeous!!!

  3. Gracies noies! ja ho he arreglat!

    Si es fa extrany aixo de no tenir cabell, pero t’acostumes super rapid a veure’t aixi! segur que la teva mare esta guapissima amb el cabell ben curtet, jo tinc unes ganes que em surti ja!!!

  4. Hey I can see the awesomeness of the fashion pictures! Wow! you look great! (as if that makes a change from usual!!) and i didn’t know you had lost your eyelashes babe ;-( poo poo poo
    I had a lovely Christmas, I am so happy you did too. XXX Love love Love XXX

    • Thanks hon! yeah, I have about 4 eyelashes left in each eyelid…good thing about it is that i can now use my blonde wig now! glad you had a good xmas x

  5. Hey Rosa the wigs look fantastic. I can’t believe how different you look with the blond one. Do you feel different with the different wigs on?
    Happy New Year to you and love from all of us in Coromandel xx

  6. Thank u! i do like the wigs but now I am starting to get very impatient about growing some real hair and having haircuts! I’m not sure i feel very different with the wigs, but what i know is that my choice of the day is kind of dicated by my mood. so i guess in that sense, yes, i do feel different depending on which one i’m wearing! x

  7. Wow, you are beautiful!!!


  8. Awh, that’s sweet! cheers, is that you rich bold? or an unknown rich? didn’t recognise the email address!

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