The wigs

Ok, since some of you seem to be having trouble seeing the wig pics on the post entitled “chemo chic” (see below) I’ve put them up on a separate post…so there you go. Hope it works this time! let me know if you cannot see them!

The 60s look inspired by the bob-length wig.

This is the casual look that got me into being asked for id at tescos when I was buying some beer. First time I've been id in my life!!!!

Scandinavian Rosa, inspired by lack of eyelashes.

No eyelashes = green make up!

And last but not least…the red wig I have worn a couple of times over the festive period! Hope you’ve all had a great xmas! I did.

The festive wig


5 responses to “The wigs

  1. They all look amazing! and you got ID’d in one of them? ha, ha.. xx

  2. I love the festive one Rosa – Wow! – but they all look amazing – wear them all…X

  3. The festive one is fun…just not very discrete 😉

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