New blog

I have started a new blog, which will monitor my hair growth over the next few months. What do you think about the idea?

Check it out here


7 responses to “New blog

  1. I love it! Very brave though, it really shows you in a light that not many see.
    Looking forwards to seeing the growth of hair and colour!
    By the way, I love the scandinavian look on the wig photos… amazing how different wigs can make you look!
    Lots of love and see you soon

  2. Ta Emma! that was one of the reasons, to show myself in the way that only those who come round the house, which includes builders, delivery men and the postman, see me!! i feel more exposed than with the writting, weird eh?

  3. I’m so glad I found your blog. I start my first chemo treatment on Tuesday for stage 2 breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy on November 11th and have 6 treatments of chemo then 6 more of Avastin.

    Reading this really helped me through an anxiety attack today. You are one tough and brave woman.

    I was so inpsired to see how beautiful you look without hair! I’m scared about that part and every time I feel that way I’ll remember your words and pics.

    Thanks so much for putting it all out there. I will send you tons and tons of good vibes while you heal.

    Take care,
    Crescent Prah
    Chicago, IL

    • Hi Crescent. So sad to hear that you too are dealing with breast cancer, but as you can see from the blog it is not all gloom and doom.

      I am so happy reading it helped you through your anxiety today. And that you liked the bald look! do not be scared about losing your hair. As everyone says it will come back, and wigs can actually be fun!

      I will have a look at your blog, and keep up with how are you doing.

      You will be fine. If I’ve made it through, so can you!!

  4. “Rosa…thinking of you and things…X”

  5. Thank you for your blog. I read it during and after chemo. It is written perfectly – non melodramatic but down to earth. It was comforting and interesting. Unfortunately bc has become like the flu almost an epidemic. we have to deal with it positively and move forward. Life is great, most need to fight for it from time to time when having cancer or other difficulties in their lives.
    I am 2 weeks post 4th and last chemo and fortunately i did not have side effects save for fatigue (i had taxotere). next week I will start yoga for beginners, yeah, i think from resting my muscles also decided to take a brake. New road and new life ahead for all of us (for me a set of new bigger and better breasts – exciting!). I live in Greece (used to live in Ealing) – just thought I would mention that. I lived in Spain for 4 months and I wish I lived there still. I love it.
    You are very beautiful, so hair or no hair you look amazing!
    Good luck and take care and thank you once again for your blog!

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