More hair growth after chemo

Week 6 here


2 responses to “More hair growth after chemo

  1. Hello..
    Found your blog today, it’s great…sounds like we have been through a similar time..I’m 34 and I have had 8 sessions of chemo, lumpectomy and full node clearance and am waiting for my radio to start..about 3 weeks I think, waiting for op to heal..! My hair is at the same stage too, nearly a respectable skin head but not quite..I didn’t have as much upset with going bald as I thought, never got used to the wigs though…although I do love my orange one…you look fab bald!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Lesley!

    thanks for the compliments!!! glad you like the blog…yes it does sound like we have had a similar experience! it is funny with the wigs, until you try them you don’t know if you’ll like them or not. I felt very comfortable with them after a while, but they are not for everyone! i have to say that if it was summer i don’t think i’ll be wearing them though…good luck with radio, I am starting next week!|

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