Lots more hair growth!

Hey…the weekly updates are still going over at hairgrowthafterchemo!check it out!


4 responses to “Lots more hair growth!

  1. Rosa, thank you so much for sharing this. Mala passed this on to me as my mom has just been diagnosed. Early stages yet, it’s tiny and we have no idea what the treatment will be. She’s scared, I’m scared but your blog really helped.
    With the greatest respect and a lot of love.


    • Hi Lindsey. I am glad the blog helped. I know everything feels uncertain at the beginning, when you are first thrown into the world of cancer. Send my love to your mum, I hope she keeps strong. And the same to you! r x

  2. Hi – I think your new pics look great. I know you might think “that is easy for you to say” but actually I celebrated my six months-post chemo on Wed! My hair is looking similar to yours – it has grown back darker and seems to be sprouting curls. Like you I spend a lot of time just very grateful – for getting through this horrid situation and for having hair again!!

    Take care – Px

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