And then then it wasn’t cancer

Just like a year and a half ago I wrote a post titled “And then it was cancer” I am happy to be calling this one “And then it wasn’t cancer”. Yes, you read it right, the fucker turned out to be nothing!!!

Despite the toughness of this little cancer trip I have learned something positive from it:  not all lumps turn out to be cancer. This was the only experience I had so far, the first and only lump I have ever found on my breast was cancerous. This doesn’t mean that if I find I lump I’ll be less worried or upset, but that when people tell me “it may be nothing” I will believe that yes, it is true, it can be nothing. Just like this second time round.


3 responses to “And then then it wasn’t cancer

  1. So glad to hear it. Big hug.

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  3. Hope you are well Andyx

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