Hair growth after chemo

How do you go from here…


to here?


With a lot of patience and just as much humour!

ps. this post is 3 months overdue 😉

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  1. Hi Rosa,

    I’ve been following your blog (and your hair growth blog) for quite some time now. I’m currently battling cancer myself, and I find your positive attitude really inspirational. I have two more rounds of chemo to go, although little uneven fuzzies have started to grow on my head already! I have obsessively been checking in the mirror everyday. It seems like it’ll take forever for my hair to grow back, but looking at your pictures make me feel hopeful. Thanks for sharing your story! 🙂


    • Hello Victoria!

      Good luck with the last round of chemo sessions, you are nearly there!!! all I can say with the hair growth is be patient, it doesn´t grow back overnight…i know, easier said than done! xx

  2. Hi Rosa,
    I found your blog googling hair regrowth after chemo and was thrilled to find out that the “old man bald spot” is normal! I’m 31 and finished my chemo for breast cancer about six weeks ago. I have found reading about your experiences so comforting and wanted to thank you for putting it all out there.


    • Hi Anon!

      So glad you found reading the blog comforting, that what it is all about! Bearing in mind you wrote to me in October I suspect you now have a short crop? Rosa x

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