The Good Life (nearly 3 years after chemo)

So three years ago, this is what I was blogging about: wigs,coping with losing my hair to chemo, celebrating that I just had my fifht round of treatment, my frustration at not being able to do chemo on time and my stay at the hospital due to being neutropenic. You can read it all here.

Three years on and my life (and hair after chemo!) looks quite different that it did then. For one I have moved back home to Barcelona, best decision ever. I have met a wonderful man and a great dog, who are now my family and who make me oh! so very happy. I have an exciting job. I am finishing my PhD. And I am hoping to have children in the future. In short: I like my life.

So while this is great and lovely, it is also terrifying. It appears sometimes that the happier I am the more fearful I become of my cancer coming back. For those who have had cancer, you know how much of a life changing experience it is. Emotionally it wrestles you to the ground, it makes you re-asses your values your priorities and it can often push you to the limit. It brings home how fragile life really is. It confronts you with death. From a practical point of view, don´t even get me started: hospital appointment after hospital appointment after…well you get the point.Your day to day life and routine may also significantly change, being absent from work, not being able to go to the gym or losing (some) of your social life. And the thing i that I love my life and I hate the idea that cancer may come back and take this away from me. Please cancer, stay away.

And this is what I have been up to since my last post in June and what my hair after chemo looks like, nearly 3 years on from treatment. This is why I am happy.

Raoul and I did the anual 10k run in our neighbourhood


My little brother (yes brother, not nephew) is growing up so fast. He is simply gorgeous.


I did the women´s race in Barcelona, along with my friend Vicky who makes the cutest plushies and many other things over at Anda Panda. Big fan of her work.


One of my best mates came to visit over from London. Friends are the best. Particularly Fausto.


Aby loves being on my lap. And I love her being on my lap. What you call a win-win situation.


And last but not least, the man and dog who help me through my darkest moments. Meet the family.



12 responses to “The Good Life (nearly 3 years after chemo)

  1. Hi Rosa, I stumbled across your blog as I was looking for pictures of hair growth after chemo, and just wanted to say that I am glad to hear that you’re doing well 3 years out! I’m 32 yrs old and was diagnosed in February of 2012, so it’s really helpful to see that life does go on and the hair does (eventually!) grow back. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Kirsty!
      Thanks for your comment! Be patient,be strong and little by little it will all get better (and the hair longer 😉 ) Rosa xx

  2. I was diagnosed with BC in Sept 2012, i am currently under going chemo and just happened to google “hair re growth after chemo” when I came upon your blog. I to have been blogging it seems to be the only way I can get everything out in the open. I’m 30, mom of 3, never expected this to ever happen to me. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone through this. Your hair is beautiful by the way!

    • Hi Corey

      Thanks for your lovely comment – you are certainly not alone, as unfortunately there are so many of us out there who have had BC. Fortunately, we are together in this! xx

  3. Hi Rosa… I’m so happy to see this post and that you’re doing well and look great. Definitely helps me while going through all this cancer crap! And I understand all the fear stuff, of course. Hopefully that gets better with time. In the meantime, glad to see you’re enjoying your guy and your pup 🙂 xo Steph

    • Hello Steph! lovely to hear back from you! In my case the fear comes and goes. Problem is that I had bone pain and I instanly thought “cancer!!”. It wasn´t. I just have a very bad back…hope you are keeping your spirits up! xx

  4. Hi Rosa

    I just want to leave a quick message to say that your blog is the first blog that I have read ( believe me i have read quite a few!) that i can truly relate to with regards to thoughts and experience and weirdly the dream about hair! Frankly it is a breath of fresh air!
    Because in August last year at 31! my life was annoyingly interrupted by BC and i am now nearing the end of chemo (23/1/13) your blog was the perfect end to this journey and has lifted my spirits. I am looking forward to watching my hair grow, to being May again soon and not a cancer patient.

    Much love May xxx

    • Oh May (I love your name by the way, one of my favourite names of all times), I really feel flattered by your comment. Thanks so much!
      So good to hear the end of chemo is on sight for you! you have spring to look forward to and a head full of hear.
      Be patiend. Be strong! even if it is sometimes impossible…
      Rosa x

  5. Hi There!
    I have two more rounds of chemo left and have been googling ‘hair growth after chemo’. It brought me to your site and I have to say, the pictures of your progress and the reports on your health today are very inspiring. Thank you for being public about your journey and for sharing it with people like me 🙂
    Take care and God bless.

    • Hi Kathy!

      I hesitated at first about “going public” but have never regreted it, seeing how much it has helped other women. All the best for 2014 xxx

  6. Hi Rosa,
    Your blog is inspiring! It’s the only one I’ve read. I had just turned 37 when I was diagnosed in Feb this year. Had op, finished chemo 5 weeks ago and am currently having radiotherapy. It’s comforting (and so familiar) to read your blog when you were going through it, and to see you now 3 years on doing so well. I just can’t wait to finish treatment, get my hair back and feel human again 🙂 thank you for sharing your story and reminding us that we will get there!!

    Rosie x

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